Heart of Love Angel Figuine

“Heart of Love”

Thomas Kinkade Angel Figurine
by The Hamilton Collection

Dedicated to the Heart of Women

Roses are a symbol of a myriad of emotions with red rising to the top when it comes to the feeling called love.  When you think of love what comes to mind? 
For most people it would be the heart and all the promises that go along with caring for such a vital part of the body.
Regarding the subject of the heart, there is nothing closer to the sharing of it when it comes to the relationships of women.  The sad thing is that most women don’t realize that with added stress they are putting themselves at risk, mainly when it comes to the health of their heart.
Recognizing this situation and acknowledging that there needs to be more education in this area when it comes to heart disease among women, The Hamilton Family along with The Women Heart Association has come together in making a product that supports women and heart issues.
With each purchase a part of the sale goes to heart education programs and support for women, in hopes that the diseases that attack the heart will be eliminated.

Heartfelt Promises - Subscription Plan

Angel is one piece. Photo enlargement
to show each portion of figurine.
This lovely 7 inch high (18.7 cm H) resin hand-painted Heart of Love angel is decked out in a vivid crimson red hour glass shaped flowing gown.
Nestled in her long blonde locks is a beautiful single rose.  Her ribbon like waist sash has cascading roses fastened by the signature golden lamp post piece for artist Thomas Kinkade. 

This unique angel’s heart shaped white iridescent feathers engulf her with loving protection, as she holds the delicate glass heart in her hands.  It serves as a reminder of how precious are those we hold in our heart. 
Each resin figurine is a different color of rose with hand-cut glass hearts held in the angel’s hand, sending the message that the heart is a precious gift from God.
She is hand-numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
You will find that there are several figurines in this "Heart Of" collection, such as the Heart of Faith and Heart of Compassion pieces.

“Heart of Love” Angel Figurine:

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  1. She certainly is beautiful and would make the perfect Mother's Day gift! I am thinking Mother's Day because it is coming up soon, but she really would be a great gift for any occasion

    1. I agree. She is lovely Cynthia. I know several ladies who would adore her and one who just moved into a new home. She loves red too!